NJ.com: They risk their lives nursing grandma through COVID. Now they can’t afford health care

Nursing home staffers are still falling ill at an alarming rate in New Jersey. There were 4,117 such workers with coronavirus as of Friday, which is actually more than the number of residents currently afflicted in those long-term care facilities. More than 17,500 have recovered, but 143 have died.

KTVZ: Union hails new contract with Oregon’s largest nursing home chain

Workers at Avamere, Oregon’s largest nursing home chain, have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract that aims to address long-standing problems in the industry, their union announced Monday.

The New York Times: Maggots, Rape and Yet Five Stars: How U.S. Ratings of Nursing Homes Mislead the Public

Twelve years ago, the U.S. government introduced a powerful new tool to help people make a wrenching decision: which nursing home to choose for loved ones at their most vulnerable. Using a simple star rating — one being the worst, five the best — the system promised to distill reams of information and transform an emotional process into one based on objective, government-blessed metrics.

Politico: Nursing homes need fixing. Here’s where to start.

When the Covid-19 pandemic came to America, nursing homes became “ground zero” for the pandemic. Although less than half of 1 percent of the U.S. population resides in nursing homes, they account for nearly 40 percent of all Covid deaths.

19th News: The nation’s caregivers now face another hurdle: the vaccine

The nation’s caregivers now face another hurdle: the vaccine For Joan Phillips, the hardest part was seeing her patients on a stretcher, the paramedics carrying them away, the doors of the ambulance closing behind them. When her nursing home patients got COVID-19, they couldn’t stay in the nursing assistant’s care — they could infect others.… Continue reading 19th News: The nation’s caregivers now face another hurdle: the vaccine

Health Affairs: To Achieve Equitable Quality Of Care In Nursing Homes, Address Key Workforce Challenges

In the United States, since the start of the pandemic, 5 percent of COVID-19 cases and 36 percent of deaths occured within long-term care (LTC) facilities…

KHN: Health Workers Unions See Surge in Interest Amid Covid

The nurses at Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina, declared on March 6 — by filing the official paperwork — that they were ready to vote on the prospect of joining a national union. At the time, they were motivated by the desire for more nurses and support staff, and to have a voice in hospital decisions.

The New York Times: The Striking Racial Divide in How Covid-19 Has Hit Nursing Homes

Homes with a significant number of black and Latino residents have been twice as likely to be hit by the coronavirus as those where the population is overwhelmingly white.