Good Jobs Measures

Good Jobs Measures
Introducing the “Good Jobs Measures” Toolkit: Building Equity & Job Quality Infrastructure in Long-Term Care

There is a vast body of respected work on job quality measures that already exists,[1] however, none yet are worker-informed, equity-centered and specifically designed for the unique challenges of the caregiving sector. To that end, The Center for Equity “Good Jobs Measures” are derived from existing, recognized job quality measures and principles (laid out in the “Conventional Job Quality Measure” column), which we filtered through our worker-centered, equity-oriented framework and tailored to the workplace challenges endemic to home care and nursing homes.

Equipped with a worker-centered job quality roadmap, advocates can guide policymakers to maximize the impact of public funding, ensure public dollars are spent on good quality, family-sustaining jobs, and support states and employers in course-correcting on the racist, sexist legacy of care work in America, beginning with how job quality is measured.

The Good Jobs Measures are organized in seven main job quality categories, each with sub-categories:

[1] Aspen Institute’s Job Quality Tools Library is just one example:
A table describing the Good Jobs Measures in seven main job quality categories, each with sub-categories. They are listed in long-form in the embedded table under "Good Jobs Measures".

How to Use the Toolkit

  • This toolkit is intended to help stakeholders by providing a pre-researched set of measures for anyone looking to set changes in motion to advance job quality in long-term care and build a more equitable caregiving system.
  • The measures in this toolkit can also be used to gauge what information for assessing job quality is currently available and use that as the starting point to work towards implementing “North Star” job standards (forthcoming; the standards will be organized around the same categories as the measures). 
  • This tool can assist in your own reflection. How do these measures expand what you consider to be a “good” caregiving job and how we envision reforms that don’t unintentionally replicate systemic racism and other inequities embedded in the long-term care system?

Good Jobs Measures