It’s Time to Care – The Economic Case for Investing in a Care Infrastructure

AUTHOR: Lenore M. Palladino and Rakeen Mabud

SUBJECT: care crisis, financing solutions, care infrastructure, economy, policy development, occupational segregation, quality care, poor job quality

Geography Is Not Destiny: Protecting Nursing Home Residents from the Next Pandemic

AUTHOR: Cinnamon St. John, Health and Aging Policy Fellow

SUBJECT: quality care, poor job quality, nursing homes, pandemic, occupational segregation, care infrastructure, care crisis, financing solutions, policy development

Article Commentary: The Need for Higher Minimum Staffing Standards in U.S. Nursing Homes

AUTHOR: Charlene Harrington, John F. Schnelle, Margaret McGregor, and Sandra F. Simmons

SUBJECT: poor job quality, nursing homes, quality care, policy development, financing solutions