Strengthening and Investing in Home and Community Based Services for Medicaid Beneficiaries: American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Section 9817 Spending Plans and Narratives


SUBJECT: Medicaid, financing, solutions, home care, invest in care, states, policy implementation, care infrastructure, policy development, CMS

These workers were left out of the New Deal. They’ve been fighting for better pay ever since.

These workers were left out of the New Deal. They’ve been fighting for better pay ever since. President Joe Biden’s $2.25 trillion American Jobs Plan contains one particular provision that looks much different from physical infrastructure: $400 billion to make long-term care cheaper and raise care workers’ wages. For health care policy experts, the need… Continue reading These workers were left out of the New Deal. They’ve been fighting for better pay ever since.

It’s Time to Care – The Economic Case for Investing in a Care Infrastructure

AUTHOR: Lenore M. Palladino and Rakeen Mabud

SUBJECT: care crisis, financing solutions, care infrastructure, economy, policy development, occupational segregation, quality care, poor job quality

State Actions to Sustain Medicaid Long-Term Services and Supports During COVID-19

AUTHOR: MaryBeth Musumeci, Rachel Dolan, and Madeline Guth

SUBJECT: financing solutions, policy development, policy implementation, pandemic, care crisis, states

Geography Is Not Destiny: Protecting Nursing Home Residents from the Next Pandemic

AUTHOR: Cinnamon St. John, Health and Aging Policy Fellow

SUBJECT: quality care, poor job quality, nursing homes, pandemic, occupational segregation, care infrastructure, care crisis, financing solutions, policy development

Long-Term Care Policy after Covid-19 — Solving the Nursing Home Crisis

AUTHOR: Rachel M. Werner, M.D., Ph.D., Allison K. Hoffman, J.D., and Norma B. Coe, Ph.D.

SUBJECT: nursing homes, safe staffing, poor job quality, economy, pandemic, care crisis, occupational segregation, policy development

The Future of the Home Care Workforce: Training and Supporting Aides as Members of Home‐Based Care Teams

AUTHOR: Robyn I. Stone DrPH and Natasha S. Bryant MA

SUBJECT: home care, policy development, policy implementation, quality jobs, training, career mobility, care infrastructure, care crisis, essential workers

Article Commentary: The Need for Higher Minimum Staffing Standards in U.S. Nursing Homes

AUTHOR: Charlene Harrington, John F. Schnelle, Margaret McGregor, and Sandra F. Simmons

SUBJECT: poor job quality, nursing homes, quality care, policy development, financing solutions

Shoring Up the Long-Term Care Workforce

AUTHOR: Kate Bradford

SUBJECT: quality jobs, racial equity, economy, policy development, financing solutions

Targeted Universalism: Policy & Practice

AUTHOR: A Primer

SUBJECT: Targeted universalism, policy development, policy implementation, racial equity, structural racism