Long-Term Care Spotlights
Long-term care workers perform critical roles within our society, providing essential care to vulnerable residents with dignity and compassion. Because long-term care is one of the most rapidly expanding job sectors in our economy, the recruitment, training, and job quality of long-term care workers is vital to strong and sustainable public health. Here, learn more about the programs, best practices, and frontline caregivers who are the heart of long-term care across America.

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The CenterFor LTCequity

The Center for Advancing Racial Equity and Job Quality in Long-Term Care is a national hub for developing innovative workforce policy and fostering narrative change to confront the poor job quality and inequitable standards faced by our nation’s majority BIPOC women and immigrant caregiving workforce. It is a project of the Healthcare Career Advancement Program (H-CAP), a national labor/management organization which works with employers, unions and workers to raise standards across the healthcare industry.  The Center for Equity unites diverse stakeholder groups across the long-term care field in order to bridge silos and ensure that the nation’s fastest growing caregiving occupations are equitable for all.

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