The Hill: How Medicaid can fuel the care economy

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How Medicaid can fuel the care economy

The Biden administration has promised to ‘build back better’ by committing to relief and recovery after the worst economic crisis of our lifetime. This pandemic reveals a collective public health and economic vulnerability, but also a vulnerability that actively produces inequality. As such, ‘better’ means course-correcting and taking bold action to build a more just and equitable economy. The most recent unemployment report only heightens the importance of this commitment.  

While the January jobs report shows unemployment dropping to six percent for white people, it remains devastatingly high for other groups: unemployment sits at 9.2 percent of Black people, 8.6 percent for Latinx people, and 6.6 percent for Asian people. And with women leaving the labor force in record numbers, we are watching a crisis for women, particularly women of color, who are disproportionately suffering the economic effects of the pandemic.

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