Strengthening and Investing in Home and Community Based Services for Medicaid Beneficiaries: American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Section 9817 Spending Plans and Narratives


SUBJECT: Medicaid, financing, solutions, home care, invest in care, states, policy implementation, care infrastructure, policy development, CMS

States Are Using One-Time Funds to Improve Medicaid Home- and Community-Based Services, But Longer-Term Investments Are Needed


SUBJECT: Medicaid, financing, solutions, home care, invest in care, states, policy implementation, care infrastructure

Association Between New-Onset Medicaid Home Care and Family Caregivers’ Health

AUTHORS: Emily S. Unger, BA, David C. Grabowski, PhD, Jarvis T. Chen, ScD

SUBJECT: Family caregivers, Medicaid, workforce, mental health, home care solutions

A History of Domestic Work and Worker Organizing

AUTHOR: National Domestic Workers Alliance

SUBJECT: BIPOC women, chattel slavery, structural racism, sexism, xenophobia, immigration, poor job quality, workforce, occupational segregation

Care Matters: A Report Card for Care Policies in the States


SUBJECT: Pandemic, invest in care, structural racism, sexism, care crisis, economy, states, policy implementation, BIPOC women, poor job quality

It’s Time to Care – The Economic Case for Investing in a Care Infrastructure

AUTHOR: Lenore M. Palladino and Rakeen Mabud

SUBJECT: care crisis, financing solutions, care infrastructure, economy, policy development, occupational segregation, quality care, poor job quality

State Actions to Sustain Medicaid Long-Term Services and Supports During COVID-19

AUTHOR: MaryBeth Musumeci, Rachel Dolan, and Madeline Guth

SUBJECT: financing solutions, policy development, policy implementation, pandemic, care crisis, states

Geography Is Not Destiny: Protecting Nursing Home Residents from the Next Pandemic

AUTHOR: Cinnamon St. John, Health and Aging Policy Fellow

SUBJECT: quality care, poor job quality, nursing homes, pandemic, occupational segregation, care infrastructure, care crisis, financing solutions, policy development